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Технический паспорт насосов H 106 - H 117 на Английском языке

HOMA H 106 and H 117 are submersible drainage pumps. With their 10 mm spherical clearance they are the ideal solution to pump water from basements cellars sumps and collection tanks. Also suitable for pumping discharge from hand basins, showers and washing machines, for flood relief and water removal from water courses or reservoirs. DIN EN 12050-2: Conformity and design approved and controlled by LGA, certificate No. 0220119. Installation: Transportable or permanent. Models with float switch control for automatic pump operation, depending on medium level in the sump. Pumped medium: Clear water or drainage water containing soft solids up to 10 mm spherical clearance. Max. medium temperature: 35° C, short term up to 60° C. Operation: Intermittent.

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