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Технический паспорт насосов H 500 - H 700 на Английском языке

HOMA H 500 and H 700 are wear resistant submersible pumps, designed for drainage of dirty water, pumping clear water or leakage water, H 500 also for water including abrasive solids. With their small diameter casing and central top discharge the pumps are the ideal solution for operation in narrow wells where conventional submersibIe pumps would be too large. The water jacket cooled motor with the top discharge protects the motor against overheating even during sip operation. Model B for aggressive mediums, e. g. seawater, alkaline solution. The pumps are used to pump surface water from building sites, wells, subways or tunnels, for lowering ground water, for irrigation, supply of industrial water, application on board ships etc. Installation: Transportable or permanent. Models with float switch control for automatic pump operation, depending on medium level in the sump. Pumped medium: Clear water or drainage water with abrasive (e.g. sand) solids. Max. medium temperature: 35°C, short term up to 60°C.

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