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Технический паспорт насосов GRP 16-50 на Английском языке

The installation of conventional sewer systems in areas of low population like small villages, farms or under difficult topographic conditions is often extremely expensive, mainly because of the high cost for large diameter pipework installation. HOMA provides the perfect, economical alternative with Barracuda grinder pump pressure sewage systems. The Barracuda pumps cut all solids present in the sewage into small particles. This allows the use of pipes from 1 1/ 2" diameter, which can be easily laid at low cost with a minimum of construction work. DIN EN 12050-1: Conformity and design approved and controlled by LGA, certificate No. 0220119. Installation: Transportable or permanent. Models with float switch control for automatic pump operation, depending on medium level in the sump. Pumped medium: Waste water or sewage containing soft solids. Max. medium temperature: 35°C, short term up to 60°C. Operation: Intermittent.

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