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Руководство по монтажу и эксплуатации блока управления HSK на английском языке

HOMA HSK is a modular pump control for up to two pumps, which has specifically been designed for use in the wastewater sector. The pump control measures and monitors the level of the medium and depending on the level, starts or stops either one or two pumps. In addition, the HSK continually monitors the built manual motor starters and the pump motor thermo contacts as well as phase sequence and phase drop. Other features include, integrated current measurement, hour meter and cycle counter as well as a flexible alarm messaging system. The HSK pump controller is available in various configurations. This manual describes the control functions in detail. Please note! All of the functions described in this manual may not be available on every pump control as this will depend on the configuration selected. The HSK15 control unit in particular, does not have all of the functions and features of the HSK25 pump control.

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